What about this "on time, on budget" promise?

Ask our clients. Many of them have been working with us for 5-10 years—several times the typical client lifespan. They come back to us because we provide high value, on time and on budget.

So, I expect there'll be a big retainer, right?

Nope, that's not how we work. 95% of our business is project-based, clearly spec'd, and delivered on-budget. Again and again, for years on end with companies who call us their AOR without the formality. Just the results.

We're a small company, are you too big for us?

You'd be surprised. Ask us. If we're excited about what we can do for you, there's always room to make it work.

We're a giant enterprise, are you too small for us?

Depends on what you mean by "giant." We're an agency of record for entities nearing $500MM annual revenue. And we're the SWAT team for a number of Fortune 500s for special projects or prowess , or whose AORs couldn't deliver on time, on budget, or the job was just “beneath them.” We slot in next to your other agencies to deliver what's needed on time, on strategy, on budget, and on-brand.

How do I know if Centric is right for me?

Talk to us! We're very straightforward about what we can and can't do.


So, just what do you guys do? Websites? Brand development? Advertising? Mobile and social? SEO? PPC? Collateral?

Technically, that's like, 7 different questions, but yes to all of the above. We can come in and do a simple, tactical project, like building a responsive website, or we can start with your goals and help you create an effective brand and the online and offline programs that support them—from scalable e-commerce sites to print ads to iPhone/Android apps.

What are you really best at?

Honestly, we’re best at delivering what our clients need, which may not be what they ask for. We’re really good at helping figure out where your marketing is hurting—and delivering the cure. Sometimes your website hurts. But does it need redevelopment, or does it simply need to convert better, or do you just need to get to the right audience? Sometimes it might be your brand. But does the brand need to be refreshed, or do the messages simply need to be more powerful? Sometimes it can be social or mobile. In each case, we’ll help you avoid the worst pain—wasting money on ineffective marketing.

Is there anything you don't do?

We have limited capabilities in PR and broadcast. If you're looking for dudes who lunch with power editors or live in Hollywood, sorry, that's not us.

What do you do in-house?

Our creative and technology development teams are in-house. Of course, we work with photographers, videographers, and other contractors, but we aren't crowdsourcing or sending everything to India.


Who are you guys, anyway?

We're a focused, national boutique advertising and marketing agency that has been getting real results for 19 years for clients in technology, consumer electronics, industrial, food, and service businesses.

What's your team like?

Very smart, but not ego-centric. Very capable, but not pompous. Very hands-on, but never time-wasting. Brutally honest, but never insulting.

No, seriously.

Seriously. We don't go into the whole "these are our great partners, here are their families/dogs/cars/hobbies/etc." thing, because it really doesn't matter. Do you want to choose an agency by how well they play tennis or how nice their office looks? Wouldn’t you rather pick a team whose principals have run corporate marketing departments at successful companies, and actually know what it's like to be in your shoes? And a team that's been invited to speak at Harvard, been quoted in Pew Internet or written award-winning books because they actually know what they're talking about.

What makes you tick?

Two things:

  • Geekery. We get excited about really weird stuff—from the latest technology in solar cell deposition to Bluetooth audio to hydraulic systems in liftgates, or even what makes food “natural” or “organic.”
  • Integrity. A marketing guru once observed that for many agencies, "Integrity is a ‘nice to have, not a must have.’” Wrong. For Centric, it defines us. And yeah, sometimes we've lost business because of it, since we take on work when we know we can move the needle, not just for our bank balance. That’s why our clients come back to us again and again, for years, because they know we're thinking about their long-term success, not just about the "project."

But hey, we want to talk with you/meet you/etc!

Cool! We're always happy to talk and even happier to listen. Why don't you get in touch so we can meet via Skype, phone, or in person? Then you can see who we are for yourselves.